Microsoft to lead “Innovation Lab” At London Performance Data & Fan Engagement Congress

Playing, spectating and managing sports has evolved at an incredible rate, while technology, allows fans to interact with their favourite teams/players like never before.
Social media and digitalization has enabled new opportunities for small clubs to connect with their fans, and the true democratization of technology for sports will happen when every club in the planet has a digital platform to understand their fans’ needs.

Microsoft recognises the importance of technology and its impact on all sports and see cloud technology as central to harnessing and applying audience data more effectively.

Microsoft Azure is already being used by many sports organisations to connect with fans, improve their services, establish new revenue streams, and more. A great example of this is MatchDay Bot, an innovative AI platform which gives sports clubs the ability to send messages and alerts for upcoming games and breaking news directly to their fan base; as well as a vehicle to promote competitions, sell tickets and merchandise and create a real go-to hub for their loyal supporters.
Microsoft will be presenting as the “Innovation Lab” at the upcoming Sports Performance & Fan Engagement Summit will provide insight into how sports clubs are benefitting from Azure today.