Digital & Social Strategy Key to NBA’s Global Fan Base

The NBA is one of the most successful sports leagues and brands when it comes to engaging audiences across the world.

We are delighted to have Brianne Ehrenkranz, Senior Marketing Director at the NBA join us later this month at our Sports Data & Fan Engagement Summit in London to discuss the NBA’s approach to ‘Fandom’ and how they have a created a global audience using social connectivity to by-pass the ‘non-live’ content barrier and introduce new fans to the game.

The NBA have long been pioneers for the application of new technologies, but their digital and social strategy lies at the heart of their ability to continually engage and create an emotive and engaged audience globally.

With the most wide ranging and progressive leaders from across the sports, tech and entertainment worlds this is the must-attend summit for people looking to learn, network and deal-make in this space.
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