London Remains an Attractive Hub for US Sports as MLB Announce 2019 Arrival

Major League Baseball has confirmed the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees will meet in two regular season games at the London Stadium in June 2019.

Boston will be the home team for the games and will bring baseball to London at the 55,000 capacity former Olympic Stadium and home to Premier League football club West Ham United.

This is further evidence of Major League Baseball following the NBA and NFL as they look to build a global footprint, and in London proving a popular and lucrative destination.

MLB has played numerous games outside North America, most recently with the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers in Mexico last week. The Oakland A's and Seattle Mariners will also open the 2019 season at the Tokyo Dome in March.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred was in London to make the announcement and said there was a commitment to play in London in 2020 as well, with the "intention to establish a long-term footprint in the city".

"We hope this series will be the beginning of a relationship with London that persists and a continuation of increasing exposure for Major League Baseball in Europe."

The NFL has played regular-season games in London since 2007, holding 18 games at Wembley and three at Twickenham.