Blockchain to Super-Charge Esports Industry & Create Unique Platform for Sports Betting

As we begin to examine the repercussions of the U.S. Supreme Court action to break down Nevada’s monopoly on legal sports betting one of the more pertinent questions is the alleged size of the US sports betting market – $150 billion.

There are naturally varying opinions around this figure but the part that has so many excited is the combined potential of traditional and electronic sports, which continues to reach and engage wider audiences, alongside blockchain technology and the new monetization avenues they present.

When we explore the commercial potential within the Esports space a consistent sticking point has been the amount of capital available to go round. Esports hit just shy of $700 million in 2017, a huge increase on the year previous, and this has made many people, previously unaware, just how much potential lies in the space. The question – how do they capitalise upon it.

For many, the fact that individuals are willing to spend their time watching other people play competitive video games is surprising. But, what people fail to realize is the market size and the capitalization of that market that opens up in this space.
Platforms like Amazon's Twitch service, have revamped the gaming space, allowing for users to watch and stream digital video broadcasts, most often time, recording video game play. This has brought the average gamer and user into the bedrooms, living rooms, and gaming areas of professional gamers across the world.
Now, if we were to take the idea of Twitch and kick it onto the blockchain, you'd have platforms similar to that of