Israel Realises Potential in Sports Technology Innovation & Colosseum Lead The Way

Last Wednesday the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange was opened by Oren Simanian, CEO & Founder at Colosseum Sport alongside a host of senior figures and legends of Israeli Sports.

The grand opening led to an incredible day as Israeli leaders in government, technology and venture capital mobilised to realise the potential for technology innovation in the sports and entertainment space.

According to Forbes, the sports market is expected to hit $75 billion by 2020 in North America alone, and as with any industry, the future of sports lies within the innovation of technology...

Israel has always prided itself on cutting edge innovation, hi-tech and strong networking capabilities so it is hugely exciting to see a country begin to mobilise and focus its attention upon the sports and entertainment market.

There is no other Israeli company that fits the description for innovating in sports technology better than Colosseum. Colosseum Sport Tech, an International Innovation Center, creates an environment that fosters cutting edge innovation in the sports world by connecting investors and international sports tech organizations with the continually blossoming sports tech ecosystem within Israel.

Led by Founder and CEO Oren Simanian, is becoming the main hub for new sport technology startups that are seeking to grow and connect within Israel's innovative ecosystem. In relation to Silicon Valley, Israel is the second fastest growing startup nation in the world, with approximately 850 new startups being created each year, 152 of them in the sports tech industry.