Fan360 Platform Rewards Fans Using Blockchain Technology

The sports industry is always on and has a continual stream of content with fans across the globe. As such it lends itself so well to emerging new technologies and in particular in the field fan engagement.
Enter Fan360, a global platform for sports fans, that enables them to consolidate whatever interests them about any sport or player in one place. A fan fuelled ecosystem, where more passion begets more activity and more expression of this primal instinct we call fandom. But it doesn't stop there - fans' engagement on the network generates real reputations for them and also enables them to earn real, tangible rewards.

Enabled by blockchain technology, the Fan360 platform will reward fans with tokens (FAN) for all their actions on the platform, including sharing, liking and contributing content. These tokens can then be used to drive real-life sports experiences - buy tickets, merchandising or even enable users to meet the stars they only know from TV.

Sport is in Fan360's DNA. And like in sport, there's something in Fan360 for everybody in the value chain. Fans get their rewards, of course, but the entities which are in the centre of it all - clubs and brands - remain far from forgotten. Since Fan360 is based on blockchain technology, the clubs can engage on a micro level and reach out to their most devoted fans better than ever before. The same goes for brands, which get an unparalleled campaign vehicle to recognize and engage their brand ambassadors.