Blockchain Mobile Ticketing Successfully Used in UEFA Super Cup

UEFA (Union of European Football Associations), the governing body for football in Europe, has announced that it sold all of the tickets for last month's Super Cup Final between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid via a mobile app connected to the blockchain.

The successful trial of a blockchain-enabled mobile ticketing system was part of a unique experiment on distributing tickets, making the purchase process simpler and more secure while preventing the replication and duplication of tickets.

The system was first used in May this year by UEFA to distribute 50% of the 2018 Europa League tickets to the public. Last month is the first time the organization has used the ticketing system to distribute 100% of match-day tickets and have stated on their website that they will "continue to develop the system further, with the aim of using it at future events".

The ticket distribution system uses blockchain technology to guarantee the validity of mobile tickets, which are downloaded onto a user's mobile device via an IOS or Android app. Bluetooth devices were placed around at the entrances of the football stadium so that fans could present their mobile ticket on arrival and gain entry.

The successful launch of the project will pave the way for other sporting event organizers to reduce the trend of third parties obtaining as many tickets as possible for the purposes of selling them on at inflated prices. It will also eliminate counterfeit and ticket duplication so that rogue sellers cannot resell the same ticket to multiple customers.

The blockchain is a distributed ledger system that allows peer-to-peer communication and transactions without the need for an intermediary. These records cannot be changed and as such ensures that only secure and validated transactions take place.