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Esports, OTT & Performance Culture Take Centre Stage at Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit San Francisco

The Performance Data and Fan Engagement Summit landed in San Francisco last week and was host to a little under 600 delegates across two days.

With a 150 strong Speaker faculty ranging from NASCAR, FC Barcelona, to the Seattle Seahawks, Nike, Crossfit, Tough Mudder, Instagram and Twitter and was host to some of the le ...

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Immersive Tech Holds Key to Fan Engagement, OTT and Sponsorship Strategy

70% of modern-day fans who bring a handheld device to a stadium, ground or arena, intend to use that device throughout the course of the 70, 80 or 90 minutes (or however long the sporting action in question lasts). 87% of us reportedly 'second-screen' when watching a live sports broadcast, many of us doing it without even no ...

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San Francisco Sports Performance & Fan Engagement Summit Reaches Full Capacity

We are pleased to announce the Sports Performance & Fan Engagement Summit, San Francisco (Jan 30-31) has now reached capacity with over 500 attendees and 220 different organizations attending.

Building on the success of the London Series we are delighted to bring the event to the technology capital of the world with a glo ...

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Immersive Storytelling Key to Brand Engagement - Global Leaders in Tech & Digital Attend ‘Immersive Technology in Sports & Entertainment’ Summit

We have witnessed a surge over the past few months as some of the world leading sports clubs have launched Immersive Technology projects as an integral part of their digital strategies for 2018.

The ability to close the space between physical and digital realities is a fundamental element of fan engagement, reach and b ...

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Every Angle Matters - How sports content is being produced is changing, benefitting both coaches and fans

At its Media Day this year, Clemson University’s top-ranked football team demonstrated a superior solution to typical social media livestreaming. The media team coupled existing professional video camera equipment with a SlingStudio to deliver a broadcast quality multi-camera stream of engaging player interviews to fans via Face ...

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Indian Premier League Uses VR & Immersive Tech to Expand the League’s Viewership in the Digital Space

It is hugely exciting to learn that Star India will make the IPL 2018 available in virtual reality on Hotstar, the network’s video streaming platform.

The news last September that Facebook had been unsuccessful in its bid for the Indian Premier League with $610million bid far behind Star India’s $2.55billion approach ...

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MLS & NBA Set The Pace As ‘Traditional’ Sports Realise eSports Potential

For the gaming communities, eSports are not a new phenomenon, not by any stretch. They have immense global audiences, incredible viewership and engagement metrics with huge prize money to boot.
Meanwhile the sports industry is going through a period of unprecedented change. Live viewership has been declining dramatically ...

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Amazon, HBO, ITV, Tottenham Hotspur & EA Sports Involved As ‘Immersive Technology In Sports & Entertainment Summit’ Gathers Speed

The Immersive Technology In Sports & Entertainment Summit (London, April 18-19) is about how we make the entire physical world as connected and digitally interactive as the World Wide Web. It lies at the intersection between the digital and physical spaces and is the platform for further engagement and reach.

The globa ...

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Major League Soccer Join eSports Giants Activision Blizzard, ESL Gaming & KSV At Sports Performance & Fan Engagement Summit

As the news breaks that the MLS has entered into partnership with EA Sports to create the eMLS, a new competitive EA Sports FIFA 18 league we are delighted to welcome Christopher Schlosser, MLS SVP Digital to the Sports Performance and Fan Engagement Summit in San Francisco in two weeks time Jan 30-31.

The eMLS will fea ...

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Electrifying! The Giants & US Olympic Ski Team Use New Neuroscience Tech To Boost Performance.

Neuro-stimulator headphones revolutionize brain learning and maximise performance...

From MLB players to Olympians, a new piece of sports performance technology is spreading like wildfire: Halo Sport. Don’t be fooled by its appearance — this pair of headphones does a lot more than play music... Halo Sport is actually a neuro- ...

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Amazon, HBO, ITV & EA Sports Joined Advisory Board & Faculty As ‘Immersive Technology In Sports & Entertainment Summit’ Comes To London. April 18-19 – SAVE THE DATE

Following the huge success of our World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit in San Francisco in November ’17 we are delighted to bring the Immersive Technology In Sports & Entertainment Summit to London on April 18-19 2018

The global entertainment and media market is set to break $2trillion and the glo ...

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WHOOP and NFLPA Revolutionizing Player Data Ownership and Fan Engagement

Imagine turning on the TV on Sunday afternoon to watch an NFL game and knowing exactly how ready your favourite team’s quarterback is to perform.

Following a groundbreaking deal between the NFL Players Association and the human performance company WHOOP, we may not be too far away from seeing that happen.

In 2017, WHOOP ...

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Blockchain Set To Super Charge Fan Engagement And ESports Holds The Key

The crypto-currency boom over the past six months has initiated a much wider understanding and appreciation for the influence of Blockchain technology. In fact I’d contend it is the 'vogue' technology of the moment. It possesses the unique ability to create excitement and sever opinion among a developing majority without a full ...

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Sport Leaders Join Tech Disrupters As SF Summit Reaches Capacity

The Sports Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit taking place in San Francisco is now just over a month away and has unprecedented interest from some of the most disruptive and innovative tech companies from the US West Coast.

Content is king, but so is balance - and we have gone to great lengths to balance the leaders f ...

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Tottenham Hotspur Combine Storytelling With Immersive Tech To Revisit History

Tottenham Hotspur pride themselves on being one of the most progressive, forward thinking and clubs in European football, with innovation at the heart of their strategy.

Plying their trade at Wembley this season whilst their new state of the art stadium is being completed they decided to explore means by which they could conn ...

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What The Disney/ 21st Century Fox Deal Means For Sports’ Fans

How audiences consume content is evolving.

The traditional “set-menu” approach where broadcasters deliver the same broadcast to all is changing to a scenario whereby consumers pick and choose the content they watch, and critically how, where and when they wish to watch it.

This is bespoke and tailored but also critically c ...

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Top 50 Sports Data Projects of 2017

In working with some of the biggest rights holders and brands across elite sport we are often fortunate to be privy to some of the most cutting edge and disruptive projects, from their infancy to mass application.

Innovation drives progress and we are continually watching and assessing the most exciting and forward thinking ...

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Data & Tech Application Take Centre Stage at Largest Sports Summit on US West Coast

The Sports Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit ( taking place in San Francisco on January 30-31 has captured the imagination of the elite sports community globally, in addition to the most forward thinking tech innovators in the Valley area.

With just shy of 200 speakers and over 500 registe ...

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A New Twist on Fan Engagement as Live Sports Becomes America’s Premiere Dating Venue

Through connecting sports fans based on shared team interests FanSwipe has created a seamless platform for fans to connect and find love. The only dating app to feature Ticketmaster integration, FanSwipe aims to make live sporting events the premier dating venue for fans across the country.

Activation: ...

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Immersive Technology in Sports & Entertainment hits London in April ’18 – SAVE THE DATE

The global entertainment and media market is set to break $2trillion and the global sports market alone will break $100billion by the end of 2017.

Sports, Gaming and Entertainment present the biggest mediums for engagement in the key target demographics for leading consumer facing brands.

Following the huge success ...

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‘ROX’ Critical As Sports Media Evolution Gathers Speed

The experience economy is growing. We’re increasingly spending more on ‘doing things’ than ‘buying things’. Consumers also know and expect more than ever and are becoming more demanding. As a result, rights holders and brands have to work hard than ever to engage people on a deeper level to foster long-term loyalty.
According t ...

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The Birth of an Industry

Last week Matteo Masucci and I were privileged to take part in the inaugural World Virtual and Augmented Reality Sport Innovation Summit in San Francisco. I’ve been to many conferences with thousands of participants, but there were fewer than 200 pioneers that participated here. Senior executives from the broadcast world, all ma ...

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"How Instagram Are Using Storytelling & Live Video To Create Authentic Fan Engagement Experiences"

Will Yoder, Sports Partnerships, Instagram

Athletes have some of the most influential profiles and accounts on social media. In your view why do these voices have so much impact with fans and how are networks such as Instagram striving to support them?

Sports fans on Instagram love authenticity, and athletes a ...

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7 reasons to attend the San Francisco Sports Fan Engagement Summit

The Sports Performance Data and Fan Engagement Summit organized with the support of 150 different sporting disciplines, will bring together 350 delegates, on 30th & 31st January including CEOs, VPs, Senior Directors from the world’s leading broadcasters, rights holders, social platforms and technology providers.

Here are 7 t ...

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San Francisco 49ers Create New Sponsorship Opportunities Using Augmented Reality

The vast potential of AR in diminishing the space between real and digital worlds in creating hyper engaged audience is fast being realised.


The San Francisco 49ers were looking to build a new type of sponsorship by leveraging augmented reality.  They created 4 different souvenir ...

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Turner Sports and Intel Combine To Make VR a Reality for the NBA

A broadcast giant, a technology powerhouse and one of the biggest sports leagues on the planet walk into a bar...

Virtual Reality is no longer a whimsical pipe dream or punch-line to some poorly disguised joke. It is an actual reality and it is time to sit up and start taking notice

Sport is continuing to lead the way and ...

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Google Discuss How Virtual & Augmented Reality Will Shape the Future of Sports

More and more people are realising that sport is fast becoming the leading driver for immersive technology (Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality).

It presents a natural and continual narrative, a commercial need to attract and engage fans and an elite performance melting pot where 1% performance gains can have immense ramificatio ...

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Using technology to direct performance and training in skiing and snowboarding - Speaker Interview

A few weeks ago we caught up with William Sands, Sports Technologist at US Ski and Snowboard Association, in advance of his speaker role at the 200 speaker Sports Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit in San Francisco (brochure) to talk a little more about the discussion points of his talk:

If we look at the testing of at ...

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How has embracing the digital landscape paid off for the America’s Cup? - Speaker Interview

A few weeks ago we caught up with Graeme Harrison, Head of Digital Marketing & Communications at the America's Cup, in advance of his speaker role at the 200 speaker Sports Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit in San Francisco to talk a little more about how the competition is developing the digital fan experience.

H ...

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Using technology to direct performance and training in skiing and snowboarding - Speaker Interview

A few weeks ago we caught up with Amy Scheer, Chief Commercial Officer, and Joseph Stetson, VP Marketing & Communications at New York Red Bulls, in advance of his speaker role at the 200 speaker Sports Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit in San Francisco to talk a little more about how they are building a brand within an ...

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Leading Sports Clubs Launch Immersive Tech Campaigns As Integral Components of Commercial Digital Strategy

We have witnessed a surge in the past few weeks as some of the world leading soccer clubs have launched Immersive Technology projects.

Italian giants Juventus FC launched their Virtual Reality app earlier this month which takes users onto the match-day pitch, behind the scenes at training and into the middle of its Serie A C ...

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How is the PGA Championship transforming spectator experience? Interview with Jeff Price, CCO, PGA of America

A few weeks ago we caught up with Jeff Price, Chief Commercial Officer, PGA of America, in advance of his speaker role at the 200 speaker Sports Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit in San Francisco to talk a little more about how the PGA Championship is developing consumer digital experience.

Investment in broadcasting ...

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How is Formula E creating digital experiences to provide top level entertainment for fans? - Speaker Interview

A few weeks ago we caught up with Ali Russell, Director of Media and Business Development at Formula E, in advance of his speaker role at the 200 speaker Sports Performance Data & Fan Engagement Summit in San Francisco (brochure) to talk a little more about the dramatic growth of electric car racing and how they are approaching ...

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Augmented Reality to Unleash Huge Commercial Returns in Global Sports Advertising & Sponsorship Market

The global sports market is huge. It is set to break $100 billion in 2017 and is showing no sign of abating.

It doesn’t require Aristotelian levels of wisdom or insight to understand why advertisers, sponsors, broadcasters and marketers continue to invest such incredible levels of capital and time into the sports sec ...

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“We’re living in The Jetsons’ age and about to push past it”

World Virtual/Augmented Sports Innovation Summit we caught up with Advisory Board member and Sports Brand & Marketing Guru Matthew O’Neil.

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Fan Experience: Immersive & Measurable

As part of the continual dialogue both in the lead up to the World Virtual/Augmented Sports Innovation Summit and thereafter we are speaking with some of the most influential and disruptive players in the sports and technology space. ...

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Sports Leads The Way For Immersive Technology

Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality has been on the tip of the tongue for tech evangelists for what seems an age, but it is only in the past 12-18 months that the blue touch paper has been dangled in front of the flame, and Sport is leading the way.

Elite sport is the greatest and most natural creator of content, the p ...

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Press Release: World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit 2017

2017 is shaping up to be the breakthrough year for Immersive Technology and Sport. With an expected market potential in excess of $100 Billion by 2020, the opportunities for growth are enormous.
The World Virtual & Augmented Reality Sports Innovation Summit 2017 takes place in San Francisco on November 15-16 and bri ...

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Elite Sport Nutritionist Ben Coomber Discusses Elite Performance Ahead Of The Rugby Innovation Summit

The 2nd Annual Rugby Innovation Summit 2017 now less than a month away (May 3/4th) we caught up with performance nutritionist Ben Coomber who we are delighted to announce will be presenting at the event. Ben runs Body Type Nutrition, an online nutrition coaching company that also runs a multi-level, online nutrition coachi ...

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The Connected Athlete: The Role Data Science Plays In Athlete Management

The role of technology in elite sports performance continues to grow exponentially. Wearable tech, immersive reality, and video replay are just a few examples where technology is taking an increasingly dominant role in what is an incredibly exciting time for the entire elite sporting ecosystem.

Intel have recently invested ...

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Jan Van Loon, Arsenal’s Head of Individual Player Development Interview

1) How is performance profiling being used to determine a player's 'coach-ability'?

“Hi Bobby, what would you like to become in the future?”

“A Professional football player Sir,” says Bobby.

“Do you want to become Sanchez or Ozil?”

“Just Bobby Sir,” says Bobby!!

People change constantly whether or not they ...

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Do English Clubs ‘Fail to Prepare Their Young Players’?

Do English Clubs ‘Fail to Prepare Their Young Players’?

Pep Guardiola’s comment last Friday that the Premier League Clubs should introduce ‘B’ teams, irrelevant of City’s recent poor run of form, was in fact incredibly thought-provoking. ...

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'The Socialisation Approach’ – FC Barcelona

A constant theme throughout the Football Innovation Summit is looking closely at how clubs use and apply technology to achieve greater on-field success. A leading figure in this conversation is Raul Pelaez, Director of Technology and Knowledge Management at FC Barcelona.
Raul will be speaking on Day 1 of the Summit.
Understand ...

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Rugby Concussions Increase by 59% – Bigger Hits or Greater Awareness?

As rugby takes priority on our TV screens for the next few weeks (thank you RWC2015) I thought it important to reference the fascinating programme earlier this week on BBC Panorama focussing on rugby concussion led by the brilliant John Beattie.

The one statistic that has stuck with me since is the RFU figure that concussion ...

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“If we have children, there’s no chance they’re playing rugby…!"

The debate this week around the much publicised petition to ban tackling in schools rugby has been fascinating.

There has been an overwhelming response from the rugby and non-rugby community largely declaring the notion as ridiculous. As a former player with huge passion for the game I am a vociferous member of the ‘Don’t Ban ...

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